Work-At-Home Momma: Kim

kim and familyToday I wanted to feature Kim. She is a momma who lives in Taylor, Texas with her husband and has three gorgeous sons. Kim is remarkably talented in so many ways! To put it simply, she is a creator. She is a photographer, a graphic designer, and an incredible mother! She also has her own shop called Honeycomb Baby Goods where she sells goods such as teethers, paci-clips, necklaces, and clothes for your babies! I personally used one of her teething necklaces when I had my son. Okay, not me personally – my son did most of the teething, but you get the point. Check out her shop over at

What’s the name of your business and what products do you sell?
Kim: Honeycomb Baby Goods. I sell thoughtfully made gifts for mamas and their minis.

What pushed you to start your own business?
Kim: My son was about 5 months at the time and he was chewing on EVERYTHING. I wanted a solution, but also something that was stylish and didn’t necessarily look like a baby product at first glance.

Were you scared to try and become a work at home momma?
Kim: Well, to be honest I wasn’t anticipating for it to become a business so there wasn’t really anything to be scared of. I started by making products for myself and then others started asking if I could make some for them as well. Next thing I knew, I had a business.

Are you able to involve your children in this business at all?
Kim: Not so much anymore. When my youngest was in the baby phase I would use him a lot for product photoshoots, but now that they are older it’s harder to involve them.

When do you find time to do the work (like at what times during the day)?
Kim: NAPTIME!!! This year all of my kids are in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that has been a huge change that has helped.

How do you balance momma life, being a wife and working?
Kim: Gosh… I don’t. (Ha!) Every part of my life overflows into every other part. Mom/Wife/Entrepreneur are all rolled into one.

honeycomb goods model and babyWhat’s your favorite part of running this business?
Kim: Design/Branding/Photography… anything creative.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a mom out there who is scared to step out and work?
Kim: It doesn’t have to be scary! Also, my easy answer is to go read Business Boutique by Christy Wright. SO much wisdom and SO much encouragement!

What would you say to a mom worrying about feeling guilty for working instead of focusing their time 100% on their child?
Kim: Every family and every mom is completely different. You CAN NOT play the comparison game. You do what is best for YOUR family. If you are happy and filled, you will be a much better mama to your kids.

What do you find is your biggest obstacle as a work-at-home mom?
Kim: Time Management.

Any other notes we should know?
Kim: Seriously… if you want to start your own business – read Business Boutique!  😉

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