Work-At-Home Momma: Debra

ACE logoTodays Work-At-Home Momma is Debra. Debra and her husband have three children and the live in Meridian, Mississippi. She recently started a cookie company called ACE Cookie Co. and makes specialty decorated cookies. Debra is one of those moms I dream of being. She knew she wanted to be a mom a long time ago and is wonderful at it. She is a nurturer, a giver and a wonderful friend. To top everything off, she also home schools her children! She really cares about her product and does a fantastic job. Check out her company’s Facebook page.

Where did the name of your business come from?
Debra: My kids.. ACE for Abigail, Celina, Eli

When did you start your business and what made you decide to sell cookies?
Debra: I started my business on May 6, 2018. I had been looking to contribute financially, while still staying at home. Honestly, I had more of a desire to be successful at something other than just making money. I found something I really enjoyed and everything fell into place to start the business.

Here’s how it happened: Last October, my youngest wanted “cupcake cookies.” I had ordered cute cookies before, but did not really like the taste. My husband and the kids love our family recipe for sugar cookies and I was determined to learn how to decorate and make her cupcake cookies. They turned out cute, and the process was actually relaxing to me… so, I started making cookies for family events, potlucks, etc. A few friends and family suggested I should sell. I did some research, had our church family taste test, but I was still scared to get started.

Were you scared to try and become a work-at-home momma?
Debra: Absolutely. I already felt inadequate as a mother, so the thought of not giving all of my time to the family was scary. On top of that, the idea of putting myself out there for possible rejection was frightening. I really prayed about an opportunity to work from home and everything fell into place. I would have not taken the leap of faith without a push from my kids and hubby. They each saw how much I loved making cookies and encouraged me to take the leap.

Are you able to involve your children in this business at all?
Debra: Indeed. They each are learning the basics about baking and are big helpers. They help clean, cut out cookies, fill icing on the cookies, wrap cookies, etc. My oldest, Eli discovered a love for baking- he enjoys science and is able to experiment with recipes and log changes, etc. I also include him in helping with the financial side. My middle child, Abigail, has a gift for organizing and designing. She really has great ideas of how to decorate the cookies and helps me store our supplies neatly. My youngest, Celina loves to pick out which cookie cutters to use and is an awesome taste tester.

When do you find time to work on the cookies?
Debra: I do them in stages. I will usually make the dough after the kids go to bed. The next day, I roll them out and bake them (I usually start them while we do school work). I then decorate the next day- I sometimes decorate them after school work on that day, or after supper, but like to wait until they are in bed. It’s kind of my escape.

How do you balance momma life, being a wife and working?
Debra: I am still figuring this out. Planning and scheduling my day has been beneficial. Each week, I figure out which days we will work on cookies. Before I go to bed, I plan out the next day in 30 minute increments. Even though I never stick to the daily schedule, it helps to let me see that there is enough time to accomplish what needs to be done. Also, I have learned to say no–whether it is a no in my personal life or business life.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a mom out there who is scared to step out and work?
Debra: Pray about it. If you have the desire and a peace about it, God will work out all the details.

What would you say to a mom worrying about feeling guilty for working instead of focusing their time 100% on their child?
Debra: Your kids want to see you happy. Seeing you step out and work hard can be beneficial to them.

What do you find is your biggest obstacle as a work-at-home mom?
Debra: Time management. Somedays I feel like there is not enough of me. Whether I have to tell a potential customer that I am booked up or tell my kids that I can’t play right now, I hate letting others down.




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