Winter Break Madness

School gets out for Christmas TOMORROW! What? I can’t even process that December is here, much less that Christmas is next week. Maybe your kid is already out for winter break. My son only goes to Parent’s Day out and it finished today and I’m already ready for school to start back. Winter break is NOTHING compared to Summer Break, but breaks makes you appreciate your kids teachers even more!

The first week with the kids home should be a breeze. Some families travel that entire week and kids should still be enjoying the new toys. My son will probably be content for about 48 hours before he will start begging me for something to do. The winter weather will not help things. Last year, I nearly lost my mind over the winter staying in the house with my son most days (hence why we do Parent’s Day out now).

Last year we were new to Nashville, but this year I have a plan. I have a list of places building up in my head of where to take him to this winter. Indoor playgrounds, fast food restaurants with play areas, children’s museums, sports, etc. Do you have a plan or any tricks of the trade you would share with us for how to survive the Winter Break Madness?

I’ve got some ideas to help keep your stir-crazy kiddos busy! This fun winter word search is sure to warm up any cold day! Find more fun reading activities at! You can find the answer key for the winter word search here. I am so thankful for and am excited that I’ve discovered them while my kiddo is so young – I look forward to using their resources for years to come!

Good luck mommas! We are going to need it. Fingers crossed it’s a mild winter and the kids get to be outside a lot. Be sure and leave your suggestions for other mommas in the comments below.

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