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Harvey FamilyWatching this next momma come into her own as a momma is very cool to watch. Rebecca of Austin, Texas is creative, period. In every aspect of her life it just seeps out. Watching her launch Rebecca Harvey Designs has been very cool and then to see people around me wearing her pieces has been even cooler. She specializes in taking found objects, recreating them into modern jewelry and giving them a new story to tell. She is super talented and God made her to be a wonderful momma, it’s super evident. Check out what she has to say about the struggles of being a work-at-home momma.

What is your background?
Rebecca: When I was in college I worked for a local Dallas artist and went to Dallas Baptist University majoring in Art. As a part of our final project we had to have different art mediums. I already had an emphasis on photography and painting, but needed sculpture. I learned very early that pottery wasn’t my thing, but I had a mentor who made jewelry and I had learned so much from her. I made my own very small line, it sold during the exhibit and it has grown from there. My jewelry is now split into two lines; one permanent, modern line and one ever-changing, one-of-a-kind line made of the found and reclaimed pieces from my antiquing adventures.

When did you decide to start working and why?
Rebecca: When we first decided to start a family, seven years ago, I knew I would need something on the side if I wanted to stay at home. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I could do; graphic design, photography part-time, but I always seemed to come back to jewelry. I had continued to dabble in my jewelry before then, but seven years ago I got serious about it and turned it into a business. Since then, I have put out 2 lines per year; one in the spring and one in the winter.

Rebecca Harvey Designs 1What is the hardest part of being a work-at-home mom?
Rebecca: For me it is two fold, one part is time management. I want to be fully-present as a mom, but I also want to be able to give my all to my projects and find some time for myself and my marriage. No two days are the same, I write down what absolutely has to get done that day, and try to give myself some grace for the other stuff.

The other is that some days my motivation is lacking. When you go into an office there are other people working, interactions and the general hustle and bustle to keep me going. At home, it’s just me; and some days when the little man goes down for a nap I just want to make another cup of coffee and watch TV while sitting on the couch.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a mom out there who is scared to step out and work?
Rebecca: If you have something that you are passionate about, and you have the time and attention give it, then go for it! You won’t believe the energy and happiness you will have when you do something you love. It doesn’t have to be something that you do everyday, something one day a week can revive your spirits and breathe new life into your week.

What would you say to a mom worrying about feeling guilty for working instead of focusing their time 100% on their child?
Rebecca: You can only devote 100% of your focus to your child for so long before you start to go a little batty. In the first few weeks I felt like all I could do was take care of our little one. If I did something else, then I was letting him and our family down. I quickly discovered that I was miserable and it was rubbing off onto my family. When I took the time to do the things that brought me joy, then I was able to reconnect to my family with joy, and actually had more energy to devote to playing, cooking and interacting.

Rebecca Harvey Designs 2When do you find time to work?
Rebecca: I work first thing in the morning, when the little one is happiest and playing on his own. That’s usually my planning and designing time. I take him to work with me (wraps and slings are the best!); we go on field trips to antique stores and art shows. My actual work usually happens in the evening. That’s when I grab a glass of wine or a beer and get to work. The baby is down for the night (usually…) and I have some uninterrupted time to get some things made.

What do you find is your biggest obstacle as a work-at-home mom?
Rebecca: I get distracted. So distracted! In the middle of working I remember that laundry hasn’t been done, so I’ll try to stop and take care of it. Usually that leads to something else, and 2 hours goes by and I’m way off track. I have been known to set alarms on my phone. It helps me to have some parameters for my day. When the alarms goes off, then I can do something else; such as cook dinner. Did I mention I love to cook?

Anything else we should know?
Rebecca: Being a mom is everything I was hoping for and more! I love my baby boy something fierce. I also love my art. If I can do both, even better! But I have to be intentional about my time with both. It’s not always easy, but it is necessary for me to not loose the identity that I had before him. Even if all the jewelry is stored away in their cases for months after the fact; at least I have spent some time doing something that rejuvenates me.

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