Work-At-Home Momma: Bryttany

So many mothers that stay at home with their babies after they are born start feeling a little “useless” or feel like they aren’t “pulling their weight” because they aren’t financially providing for their family in a way that maybe they once were. I am here to tell you while that you are not financially adding to the overall income of your family, being a stay at home momma is doing much more than a job could ever do for your family. Sometimes, it’s just not financially feasible for a mother to stay home, but if it is possible, then your child will thank you for years to come. recently posted about how much stay-at-home parents would make if they did make an income for being in that role. It will blow your mind. WAHM Bryttany Family 2Today’s work-at-home momma is Bryttany of Smyrna, Tennessee. Bryttany has been married to Steven for 2.5 years and together they have two children. Bryttany works at home so she can care for her two children Riley (3) and Meredith (16 months).

Bryttany is one of those moms that felt “useless” being at home after she and her husband got married. “I felt like I wasn’t contributing to the financial needs of our family. We talked about me going back to work, but it would be pointless because of the cost of childcare,” Bryttany explained. After Christmas of 2016, Bryttany started using her die-cutting machine to put vinyl sayings on items. When she realized she was good at it, she started to sell a few and her business took off from there. Bryttany makes handmade personal items such as signs, glass blocks, stove covers, decals, etc. WAHM Bryttany Stove Cover

Balancing children, work, housework and spending time with her husband has been the hardest part of starting up a new business from home, while raising children. Bryttany had her business running for less than a month when she and her husband found out she was expecting child number two! She found it was difficult to adjust to a more limited schedule once her second child was born.

Another hard part about running your own business making products like Bryttany is doing, is customer contentment. “There’s always a few customers who are never happy no matter what I do and it just breaks my heart to think I didn’t do something correct when it comes to my business” Bryttany said.

Mom guilt is a real thing and Bryttany said she definitely experiences it. “I’ve been so backed up on orders before that I’ve had to push the kids off of me so I could work, when I should be doing it at nap/bed time and focusing on them while they are awake.” Bryttany’s advice is to take advantage of the time you have with your children: “If you find your work is taking over, step back and take a break.”

Check out Bryttany’s Facebook page for her business, Riley Roos Creations here.

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