Top Five Must Haves for a Newborn

Life with a newborn is hard ya’ll. You kind of enter this vortex that is spinning and you and your partner (if there is one) just spin around inside and go where the vortex takes you. It takes a lot of motivation to get out of the house with a newborn, especially to get things that come up. Amazon is wonderful, but you can’t always get what you need the day you need it. When I was pregnant with my first, I used to ask mom friends what items they couldn’t live without when their baby was small. I got great recommendations! Some helped a lot! As I am searching for baby gifts for friends, I wanted to put together my Top 5 Must Haves for a Newborn. If you purchase these things now, it could save you time and money and ENERGY later. Enjoy!

Number 5: Rock-N-Play

Multiple people suggested this to us as we were stressing over where our newborn would sleep. Several moms I knew were putting their newborns to sleep in this a lot during the night. This rocks itself and plays music! We used it the entire first year for naps or just to sit him down and keep him entertained while we did dishes, ate, etc.


Number 4: Mylicon

Only a couple of moms mentioned this to us. Maybe a lot of babies don’t deal with gas issues, but ours sure did. Someone had gifted us a box of Mylicon Infant Drops so thankfully we had some in the house when things got bad and tried it, after we consulted with our doctor. It worked WONDERS for our baby, so I highly recommend you keep some of these on hand, just in case you need them. Also, “Dye-Free” are the way to go, so they don’t stain those cute bibs and onesies.


Number 3: Boppy with Cover

I had seen these before, but wasn’t super familiar with them. I didn’t expect to use this much but ended up using it ALL the time. It’s great for when the babies are so tiny that you are worried about how exactly you are going to hold them and when your arm gets tired from feeding them so much, or to help prop the baby up, etc. Keep one of these on hand for when you bring that baby home!


Number 2: Philips Notched Newborn Soothie Pacifier, 0-3 months

We hadn’t decided if we wanted our son to use a pacifier or not when our son was born, but he came to the room for the first time with a pacifier in his mouth. Probably, because he wouldn’t keep his mouth shut even then (HA!). This is the pacifier he used in the hospital and we tried others, but this was the winner when he was a newborn. We tried WubbaNub, but they were too large for a newborn – our son eventually loved those, but not at the beginning.


Number 1: Gerber Cloth Diapers (Used as Burp Cloths)

These babies are what my mom insisted on purchasing for us. She said they were perfect to use as burp cloths. We took her word for it and thankfully, she was correct. Our son had acid reflux and spit up a LOT (like, a LOT a LOT). These babies saved many outfits. They were thicker than your average burp cloth so they held in the spit-up and kept it from soaking through. We always had at least a few of these clean in a drawer at all times. These are a MUST.

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