Top Five Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Mommas

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 12th. That is just over two weeks away. I realize money may be tight, but still remember to do special things for your mom/wife. Just a reminder that these are geared toward mothers of school age or younger children. If your wife/mom has children in college or adult children then she might like TIME with her children. A night out with the kids, children to visit her or even a coupon book from each child offering a “date” night out every now and then.

Top Five Gift Ideas for Mommas is a list of a bit more expensive gift ideas for mommas, in case you really are hoping to spoil her and have the budget to do so. Most of the items on the list below are free or will cost you under $50.00.

5. Pay attention

What does she sacrifice for you and the kiddos? Is it time? Does she never buy clothes for herself? Has she worn the same shoes for years? Does she wrestle with an uncomfortable pillow and need new bedding? Pay attention to little comments she makes and says not just at Mother’s Day and make notes of them in your phone. Don’t wait until the last minute to spoil this woman who gave birth to your children, work on it all the time.

4. A Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. This is a box you pre-pay for that arrives at your house at a scheduled time (monthly, quarterly, etc.) that is full of specialty things. For example, there is a box for men that has nothing but a new pair of socks each month. There is a box for women that sends makeup goodies each month. Whatever she likes, there is probably a subscription box for that.

Some of my favorites that are on the less expensive end:

3. A Night Off

Work with your children to create a homemade ticket book. Each ticket represents a night off. Help momma get out of the house and take over for her by putting the kids to bed so she can have dinner with friends or go dance the night away with friends. Perhaps twelve tickets, once a month that she can cash it in for a night on the town (or a night hiding in the bedroom watching Netflix).

2. A Manicure or Pedicure

One of these should cost under $50.00. Just stop by your local nail salon or one your wife/mom frequents and pickup a gift certificate. Also, you could get a $40.00 gift certificate and a $10.00 bottle of wine and pair those for a great gift most moms would love!

1. A Day Off

Spend Mothers Day with her and then plan one day that you will get up with the kiddos and intercept them before they enter your room so she can sleep late. Cook her breakfast or setup meal dates for her to have brunch with friends and let her do what she wants all day. If what she wants is to nap and lay in bed and watch Netflix, get the kids out of the house – all day! Go ahead and put it on the calendar before you give it to her as most moms will love to think and dream of that day, but probably not get around to scheduling it because life is busy – so schedule it for her!
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  1. Great ideas! Yes I don’t want him to spend money 😉 Saving money is a gift in itself! I have requested a family picnic. Wouldn’t be able to turn down a mani/pedi though 😉

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