Happy Mom, Happy Life – Part 4: Thriving as a Mom

A year ago, I set a New Years resolution to try twenty new recipes by the end of the year and I started documenting them. I finished the twenty by March and loved the feedback I was getting, so I decided to create a blog last fall and here we are. What I am about to say may shock you (or not, if you know me well) – that is probably the only New Year’s Resolution I have EVER kept. EVER. I’m horrible at them. How are you doing at yours?

Today, I want to conclude my four-part series on the phases of motherhood. Why “phases” of motherhood? I chose that word because I feel like I am using that word a lot when referring to my son and the little things he does or how he is behaving at a given time. It seems fitting.

Earlier in the month, I proposed that motherhood has three phases – Thriving, Surviving and Drowning. I wish I could say you grow into the next phase and leave the other behind, but that’s not true. A mom could experience all three phases in one day or one week or be stuck in one phase for months or years.

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Thriving as a Mom

To thrive\\ to prosper; be fortunate or successful. These are the days when you feel like you taught your child something successfully and his behavior is on point. Everything seems to be going decently well. You are feeling confident in your motherhood skills, or at least more confident than normal and are able to take a deep breath and enjoy life around you a little bit easier. You realize your child is, in fact, learning a little bit of what you are attempting to teach him/her and you feel proud. This phase could last several days or a minute, just depending on life.

A Day in the Life of a Thriving Mom

Stay-At-Home Momma

Your child sleeps in and you have plenty of time in the morning to have your breakfast and get ready for the day while picking up the house a little bit. Your child wakes up in a great mood and you all tackle the days schedule head first. You arrive at places on time, your child is well-behaved, and you are humming to yourself while your son reads a book quietly in the back of the car. Everyone takes a nap (including you) and dinner and bedtime all go smooth. Cloud NINE. Like, seriously. You might not even have to vent to your husband at the end of this day. You are feeling fantastic and like “hey, maybe I’ve got this parenting thing down” or “hey, this is great, maybe we should have more kids.”

Mommas Who Work Outside the Home

If you work outside of the home, maybe your boss notices an extra pep-in-your-step and someone compliments you on the way you look today. You have enough energy that you work through lunch and someone brings you lunch to your desk to surprise you since you were working so hard. You get home and your husband makes the dinner and you let the kids stay up a little bit later tonight because you are enjoying being with them today.


Were you dreaming? Is this real life? Sounds like a dream sequence from a movie, not real life. Okay, so maybe I am dreaming that Thriving can look THIS good, but wow Thriving as a mom can make you feel like a million bucks! Things are going well and you are feeling super-confident! Any mom that has experienced this, knows you are doing good if this lasts an entire day much less a week. It can happen though, every once in a while. If it didn’t, I’m not sure any of us would have any kids past just the first one.

Any mom that pretends that she is in the thriving phase ALL of the time is LYING and FAKE. Don’t believe her for a minute. You don’t have to call her out, just let her live in her bubble. Life is hard. Motherhood is hard. Those of you who think it isn’t either a)are delusional, b)have enough money to pay someone else to raise their kids or c)God made them to be super-mom.

This ends my three part series on the Phases of Motherhood. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I hope it has hit home for some of you. Want to argue it? Disagree? Agree? Or, point out some things to help you get from one phase to another? Please comment below! I would love to hear from you!

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