The Blogging Continues

I am almost a month into this new adventure of writing a blog. However, it’s taken months in the making of planning, praying and organizing. It has definitely taken much more attention and energy than I thought it would, but if one person is encouraged by it then that is enough of a reward.

As I’m sitting here writing, my two-year-old is cuddled in my lap with his Mickey and is watching tv. There have been times this blog has given me a great creative outlet and there are times that it has taken away time between my son and I. I may not be able to keep up the pace of having a post every day, but I am certainly going to try it that way for a few months and go from there.

I never dreamed I would have a blog that I spent so much time and energy on making successful. When I majored in Public Relations in college, many of my professors told me if I didn’t enjoy writing I shouldn’t major in Public Relations. I remember thinking, “oh no, I’m already a junior and still don’t like to write.” I decided to finish my degree anyway. I always enjoyed the interaction with people instead of the writing. However, I am learning to love writing more and more each day.

I hope you’re enjoying the posts. I would love your feedback on what you would like to see as I work on developing the plans for future months blogs. In the meantime, I plan to keep on trying to get better at this blog thing and I appreciate your prayers. Thanks so much for reading, it really means a lot.

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  1. I am loving your blog! It’s motivational and encouraging to read your story as you are working through this new and exciting chapter of starting a blog!

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