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The “what are you thankful for” tradition of going around the table on Thanksgiving day and sharing what you were most thankful for was something I don’t necessarily remember doing a lot growing up. Probably because our family Thanksgiving meal tended to consist of the family sitting in almost every room of the house of one of our relatives eating off of paper plates and some people being lucky if they got to even speak together, much less sit around and share to a quiet room what we were thankful for.

However, I feel like it is appropriate to share that this Thanksgiving what I am thankful for most is that my son is learning to love music. He is two and has started singing along to songs, breaking into a remix of “Baby Shark” and “Mommy Finger” or completely writing his own songs the way only a two-year old could (these songs typically include the words dinosaur and tractor).

I have been singing for a long time, but my father enrolled me in voice lessons in eighth grade or so. My mom says it was because they were tired of hearing me walk around the house singing commercial jingles and figured if they put me in singing lessons at least it would sound good while I walked around the house.

The years following consisted of a lot of Saturday night and Sunday morning singing into the mirror along with my cassette tape track with rollers in my hair getting ready to sing a special in church or sing at a talent competition.

My dad was my biggest fan and the biggest encourager in me pursuing music. He was a drummer in high school and loved music so much. He is probably the person I got my singing voice from, though he never pursued that or even really sang that much in front of other people.

I eventually met my husband in a worship band and he also loves music and loves to play guitar. My husbands family also has a love and passion for music.

I say all this to say that when my husband and I discovered a few months back that our son has a love for music, we were very excited and hopeful. You know, imagining that he will be a big rock star musician or a talented composer or a fantastic vocalist one day. However, even if he does none of that we hope to continue to pass on the love we have for music to him so maybe that will continue for generations.

If you’ve been reading the blog this month, you know that my dad passed away six months after my son was born but during that six months he got to spend a handful of days with my son. During that time, I would ask my dad to please sing to my son. My dad had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and it affected his vocal chords so he couldn’t speak more than a whisper in those final months of his life. However, I got this quick video of my dad singing to my son that I will forever cherish. Dad used to sing the “hound dog” song to all the grandkids.

Thank you, dad, for your love and your love of music and for passing that down to me. My son now sings the “Houndog” song along with me and loves it and just giggles and giggles. Thank you for being my biggest fan and encourager when it came to music. I love you and miss you. I only hope I can encourage my son in music the way you have my entire life.

I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving week!

What are you most Thankful for this Thanksgiving? Share it below.

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