This Momma Needs a Sick Note

Being sick as a stay-at-home momma is HARD, H-A-R-D! There’s no doctors note or sick days to help you out. It’s a normal day, at the same speed as all the others, but this time your body physically isn’t able to keep up. These days can definitely make it even harder to be a momma. It makes it a little bit harder to concentrate, to have energy, to be compassionate and to do anything besides lay around.

Most people want their mom when they are sick and that is because mom’s nurture and care for you. However, still trying to be a mom while you are running back and forth to the bathroom trying to not puke on anyone or have anyone catch your germs is literally one of the hardest things for mommas. All the while, you don’t lose your motherly desires of wanting to care for your family and keep them healthy and happy. It can make you feel overwhelmed with guilt that you can’t physically care for your family as much those days.

For those that have family to lean on during those times of illness, try to push the guilt aside and hide under those covers as long as physically possible. Your family needs you to be healthy and whole again – this will allow you to be a better mother. So, you know, you are doing this for them. You are taking that extra nap or watching that extra tv movie and relaxing out of SERVICE. Ha!

To those mommas who are stay-at-home mommas with a chronic illness, I tip my hat to you. If I even get a cold, I’m pulling out the iPad and blankets, and telling my son it’s going to be a lazy day inside. What can we stay-at-home mommas do to make these days a little easier? My suggestion to you is to have another stay-at-home momma friend that you could trade off with when you get sick. This is so a) your kids get a play date with their friends and b) you get rest. Then, you could rotate off when you just need a day in bed to let your body rest and heal itself.

What other suggestions or activities can you share for mommas who are just not feeling up to the task today, but need to keep their kiddos entertained all while resting their weary bodies?

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