Mickey Mouse Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny and Mickey. Those two go together, right? No? You’ve never seen one? For my son’s first Easter, his Aunt and Uncle gave him a stuffed Mickey Mouse wearing an Easter costume.  We had NO IDEA then that he and this Mickey Mouse Easter Bunny would become INSEPARABLE to this day.

My son sleeps with Mickey literally hanging out of his mouth, by Micky’s ear, every single night and every single nap. He can’t go to sleep without him. If he gets upset, he wants “Mickey.”

Given that it is “Mickey Mouse Day” I wanted to pay tribute to our Mickey Mouse Easter Bunny.

Thank you, Mickey Mouse Easter Bunny, for 582 nights of sleep. That’s approximately 5,820 hours of sleep we have gotten since you have been in our life (not even counting the daily naps). Thanks for helping us make it through the months of teething and growth spurts. Thank you for helping us survive the first half of the terrible twos. Thank you for being there when my son just needed cuddles and hugs with his Mickey. Thank you that you could be comfort for my son when he went to mother’s day out for the first time and tried to take a nap away from home. Thank you, Mickey Mouse Easter Bunny, for being a life-saver.

Thank you to my sons Aunt & Uncle who gave it to my him for Easter. Thank you to JCPenney for making this product and for having more in stock when we realized how important he was in our lives. Yes, that means we have three of the same Mickey Mouse Easter Bunny. Thank you, Micky Mouse Easter Bunny for being washable and not falling to pieces each time you visit the washing machine and dryer.

What item/toy/stuffed animal does your child or did your child sleep with and was unable to let go?

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