Happy Mom, Happy Life – Part 1: Three Phases of Motherhood

Happy New Year! I hope you all have had a great holiday and are settled in and ready to keep some resolutions! It has personally been a very busy season for me and I am looking forward to 2019 and hoping to not over-commit myself this year – to just slow down and enjoy life and my family even more.

Let’s chat about this thing we call being a mom. It’s amazing how one minute can have you feeling confident and on cloud nine. Then, your kid throws up in public and immediately you feel like a turtle hiding in it’s shell hoping no one saw that or judges you.

You know the moms that have been moms for like a MINUTE and they are already act like they can give you all the advice in the world on how to parent? I am certainly not trying to be THAT mom. I don’t pretend in the least bit to have it all together. For the most part, I am a mess. I use these blog posts as an encouragement to you, but also for myself. To learn. To grow. To vent. This is me, hoping we can do those things together in this safe, judgement-free zone.

Over the past two and a half years of motherhood, I am noticing that motherhood might be able to be defined into phases. Now, I don’t read a ton of books about parenting or motherhood so, forgive me if someone has already written a book about these things, but I wanted to share with you my observations.

Three Phases of Motherhood

I feel like all of motherhood can be summed up in these three phases: Thriving, Surviving, and Drowning. Think about your life as a mom. Does this sound about right? I believe moms can go through these phases all in the same day, week or maybe you stay in one phase for months. There are a lot of factors that can affect what phase a mom is going through at any given minute. Some of those could be:

  • Age of your kid(s).
  • Phase that your kid(s) is going through.
  • Lack of a supportive partner.
  • Lack of a support system, in general.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Lack of physical wellness (not taking care of yourself, physically).
  • Significant family event (death of a family member, divorce, illness).
  • The weather (yep).
  • Financial burden.

No matter the situation, I would argue that the better things are going for you financially, physically, emotionally, relationally and sexually (yep, I said it) the more likely you are to be in the Thriving Phase than the Drowning Phase. Happy Mom. Happy Life.

Over the coming weeks, I would like to explore these three phases with you. I would like to explore what it looks like to be in each phase and tips on how we might get ourselves out of the crappy phases and thrive more. Feel free and shoot me your opinions and thoughts on all of this. I would love to explore all of this more with you!

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