FOMO: Where Contentment Goes To Die

I’ve been doing a lot of comparing this week. Like comparing myself to other moms, our finances with other families finances or our struggles to another families successes. I am sitting here emotionally spent and my heart all bound up in anger, jealousy, sadness, guilt and discontentment.

A lot of my friends and their families have big vacations planned this summer. I see it on social media how excited they are for the experiences they will have and the time away as a family. They will likely make great memories and come back sharing lots of stories (not to mention blow up my social media feed with perfect pictures of their vacation).

My husband and I have come to the realization that a trip of any kind this summer may not happen for us as a family because learning to survive as a one income family and stay out of debt has taken it’s toll on us. TRUTH. I don’t say this so you will have pity, I say this for those other mommas that are going through the same struggles to let you know you are not ALONE!

FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out. I am feeling it first hand that FOMO is where contentment goes to die. I let being discontent in our lack of vacation bleed into so many other areas of my life – discontentment in my home, my clothes, and my day-to-day activities. I’ve always struggled with this, but it is slapping me hard in the face right now.

I came across a booklet this morning from MOPS International and wanted to share what God led me to read today:

“The struggle of comparison is so real. The pressure to look like/act like/eat like/smell like/exercise like/contour like/think like/dress like the woman next to you is enormous. This is unfair and harmful to your Self, so channel your comparison in new ways. Rather than using it as a measuring stick, use it as inspiration and appreciation for what makes each of us unique. Our bodies, minds and spirits are like fingerprints – intricate, important and vastly diverse.”

No, I’m not comparing myself physically to another woman, but I am comparing my life and my experiences. So, I am going to try and fight this every day with thanking God for <insert list of incredible blessings God grants me with every day> and being intentional about being thankful and not so jealous. I am wearing a bracelet on my wrist so that every time I start acting or feeling discontentment creep in I can look down at it and remember to thank God for my blessings.

What are some things that help you remember to be content in your life?

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7 Replies to “FOMO: Where Contentment Goes To Die”

  1. I struggle with comparing myself as well, I think most of us do to some extent. Lately especially I have been struggling as my depression flares up full force, I think of how unlike others I am and it starts to bother me. I think I really needed to read this today and thank you.

  2. Oh, mama. I can so relate to this. I, too, struggle with comparing my life to others. I torture myself even more by comparing myself/body/ lack of vacations to friends who don’t even have kids!

    Thank you for sharing. You’re not alone!

  3. I love the bracelet idea! For me writing a gratitude list, and asking my kids to share what they are grateful for, helps me remember all the blessings we DO have…and reminds me that my kids appreciate the little things, too!

  4. I’ve learned to be content in our little world. I’ve learned that no matter where we are or how much we have, when we are together we can make the moments special. But I still occasionally find myself comparing what we have to my siblings and their families and feel lacking. But I try to bring myself back to what’s important. My children are happy just to spend time with me. Even just at the park, their memories will be happy ones.

  5. So powerful mind setting. I too sometimes experience my life compared to my friends or others. What I think of during that time comes is that God made us different and unique with each other it is your choice to be happy or sad for whatever you have right now.

  6. yes! I often wonder how different FOMO would be if social media wasn’t a thing (or if i wasn’t on social media). You are right about focusing on your blessings and remembering your goal to stay out of debt!

  7. This hits home today, especially in the day and age of social media its difficult not to wonder at the very least and wondering tends to lead to that discontentment.

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