“Focus, Ginny. You’re having a conversation with this woman and you aren’t even looking her in the eyes. You sound like a jumbled mess. Why don’t you just look at her? What are you looking at? What were you even talking about? She must think you are a dimwit?”

This has been my brain for almost two weeks. I haven’t been able to keep eye contact during a conversation. Words haven’t been coming to me very easily and I almost always lose my train of thought mid-sentence. I didn’t even think twice about it and chalked it up to being tired, until I was feeling dizzy and nauseous most of my days.

The doctor put me on a steroid for some other things and thought maybe between the steroid and a lot of water I might knock this out. The doctor also thought it might be stress-related or depression. I passed the depression test they gave me (thank God). I’ve knocked out a lot of the dizzy and nausea by drinking a ton of water so, I hope I’m almost on the other side of this.

Beyond the illness issues, I have trouble with focus in my every day life and routine. It’s a hard thing for me. I am easily distracted with busyness. It is hard for me to stay home to work on things because I get distracted by all the things there is to do – laundry, dishes, picking up toys, etc. When my son is around, I literally forget how to carry on a decent conversation. Interruptions and distractions make it SUPER hard to have a deep conversation with other people. Even if my son isn’t there, if my friends children are around I find it so hard to block it out. I thought the longer I was a mom the easier that would get, but I don’t necessarily find it getting easier.

Let’s switch gears and talk about our focus on God. If I can’t even focus on conversations with people right in front of me and focus long enough to get things accomplished, how can I spend time focusing on God and His Word and talking to Him? Kelly Balarie discusses this in her article 5 Ways To NOT Get Distracted From God.

Kelly suggests 5 Ways to Keep Focus on God:

  1. Give yourself allowance. You’re human. If you lose focus, give yourself a break and re-focus.
  2. Go back to where you last were with God. Where/when do you remember being when you last heard clearly from God? Go back to that point, that spot, that book, that prayer, or that song. I tend to re-read the book of James, because God always gives me so much from it.
  3. Swap what you listen to. For example, if you are watching the television show “The Walking Dead” before bed, that is what you are going to go to sleep thinking of. If you spend time in God’s Word before bed, you will go to sleep focusing on what He is showing you and focusing on His glory.
  4. Ask for God’s help to stay awake to Him. Ask for this and then actually spend time doing things where He can easily speak to you – reading His Word, praying, listening to worship music, doing a Bible study, or spending time with Christian friends that can encourage you in your walk.
  5. Shut it all down. Literally. Remove as many distractions as you physically can by turning off your phone/computer, arrange your schedule around a time to spend doing #4.

Has focusing on something gotten easier for you over the years? Have you found tricks to help you focus on what you need to be doing or on conversations more easily? What helps you focus on God more? What distractions do you need to remove or have you removed? I have found that drinking caffeine does NOT help me with this, so I think that will be my first step. Social Media and my cell phone also destroys any ability for me to focus. What are the things keeping you from being able to focus? Any pointers? I pray God helps you narrow in on your distractions and help you focus more this week.


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