Deeper Breaths and Slower Steps

The windows are open. What is left of a helium balloon from last month is floating around my feet. Construction paper just blew across the room from yesterday’s craft project. The dog is asleep and I am sitting. There are taxes to be completed, a stack of books to be read, laundry to be done, dishes to be washed and I am sitting.
My son is at daycare and I should be taking advantage of these precious moments of free time I have before he gets home today and I am sitting.
Sitting. Quietly. Taking deep breaths and enjoying what is left of the quiet house for the day. Trying to block out all those things that are left to be done today.
I am just like Martha in the Bible. I keep myself so busy preparing things and doing things that I forget to focus on Jesus. I came across this post today by Erin Davis called “I Am Martha.” Here’s an excerpt from her post:
Striving to be the best at everything is exhausting, probably because it’s impossible. There will always be a better athlete, musician, or student than you. It’s just the way the world works. Getting yourself worked into a tizzy trying to stay on top isn’t likely to land you where you want to be.
TRUTH. Straight from the Bible (Luke 10:38-42). God needed me to see this today and maybe He needed you to see this today. My lists don’t matter, my chores don’t matter – eternity matters. Thank you God that I get to spend eternity with you. Help me to see more of YOU today. Help me to take deeper breaths and slower steps. Help me to fix my eyes and my attention on you and your splendor and glory. Yes, the tasks will still be there, but help me to focus on the JOY that I have this family that is a blessing from YOU. PIN Deeper Breaths

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