Being Present

The past few months have been a blur. If you had told me when I launched this blog, that after three months of going hard at it I would take a two month hiatus I would believe you. I love getting new ideas off the ground, but then get bored with them and move on to the next project. Are any of you like that?

I never set out for to be a temporary project. I set out for this to be an encouragement to mothers. A place for mommas to find help, love, and a judgement-free community. I wanted to be a positive presence in such a dark world.

However, I’ve found myself getting lost in that dark world and losing my focus. Not feeling fully present – anywhere, in any relationship.

To be fully present // having your focus, your attention, your thoughts and feelings all fixed on the task at hand – whether that be family, friends or a project.

Since my miscarriage over Christmas, I’ve found myself not being able to focus on conversations I am having. I’ve found myself not being able to complete tasks at home or even wanting to complete them. I’ve found myself struggling to be fully present as a wife, a mom or a friend. is a space where I can share my struggles, my discouragements, my wins and my truth. It’s a place that I hope encourages you and I hope to kick it up a notch and be fully present with it again.

I am re-setting my focus on God, my husband, my son, my family and friends, my health and this blog. Thanks for your patience as I work through this.

I really do love you all!

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